The Christmas.

September 4, 2010

The Christmas comes once a year. We celebrate the Christmas on the 25th of December. Jesus Christ was born on the Christmas day. The Christians all over the world Remember this important incident. We put on ancient new clothes and go to church Early in the morning. Everyone is very happy on this day.


My country

August 28, 2010

My country is Sri Lanka. It is a small island in the Indion ocean. There are many communities such as, Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Burgher in Sri Lanka Most of the population consists of Sinhala people. I love my country. My country is world famous though it is very small. We have a glorious history. The ruins of Anuradha Pura and Polonnaruwa are well known. Many tourists visit these places of Interest Colombo is the Capital of Sri Lanka. It is a famous harbourin the east.

The rainbow

August 14, 2010

The rainbow is like a curved bridge laid to the heaven. oh what a beautiful sight. it appears there in the sky. for a short time. I cannot under stand what happens to it then.

My pencil

May 29, 2010

My pencil is long and pointed.It is yellow in coiour.It is ten rupees. I bought it at the book shop.It is made in china.I can write nicely with it. I like it.

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The sinhala new year

January 16, 2010

The sinhala naw year is the most enjoyable fastival forall sinhala buddhists. They  celebrate this fastival on the 14th of april every year. the farmers harvest.

My compuuter teacher

January 2, 2010

My computer teacher,s name is hrs wasantha. her home town is hakmana. he is very beautiful and kind. he favourite game is net ball. he hobby is reading story books. he always smile withus. he us engiish.

My hobby

January 2, 2010

My hobby is  reading. I  like to read story  books  and geogra  phy  books. I can learn about people and their ways of living from them. It is made up of  books which my mother and auntygave me as presents.I read the daily papet that come my way. we must learn to choose good reading material. we must not read bad books whid fill our minds with bad ideas. we must get help from our  parents an teachers when we choose books to read.

My favourite gamecricket

December 12, 2009

cricketer is My favourite sport. It is an in ternationgl game. It need 2 teams to play the game. A Cricketrer team has 11 playes. It needs a bat and ball to play. Acricketer wears a specilsuit cricketer gives a lot of practice to the body and mind

My school

December 12, 2009

My school is  very big. There are about fiffy teachers and two thous and Children in my school. We study many subjects at school. We can play games. Because we have a playpround. I like  my school very much. It is the  biggest school in the arwy. We like to attend school very dat. The children in our school.

My self

December 12, 2009

My name is Ishara maduwanthi. It is eleven years old.My favourite food is apple. My favourite subject is compiuter. My favourite drink is water.My favourite colou is green.I am a girl. I am in grade six. My school is methodist c. c. My village is  Udupeellagoda. My religion is Buddhism. Iam a sri lankan. My ambition is to be a teacher. My famili is a Father, Mother,  sisther, and brother. My father is bisnas. My mother is house wife.  I love my mother.